Untangling Our Emotions

Strategies for unraveling those emotions that have our girls all twisted up inside.

45 Minutes

Emotions, feeling them, expressing them, or not expressing them, influence behaviors and actions; it is imperative to learn how to cope with emotions and how to express emotions in productive and positive ways so our actions can be aligned with how we wish to behave.

45 Minutes

Recognizing the power of forgiveness helps young people maintain healthy relationships, build strong friendships, and think before they act.

Relaxing The Body
15 Minutes

Relaxation of the body is important to maintaining wellness. When your body is tense or tired, problems appear to be magnified and decisions can be made without proper thought. Relaxation enhances clear thinking.

Stress Baloon
25 Minutes

It is important to teach young people how to manage stress in healthy ways. Teaching stress relief skills can help them avoid conflicts with others, self-harming behaviors, and violence.

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