Finding Inner Beauty

Help the girls discover that beauty is around and within each of us

30 - 45 Minutes

Unrealistic and unhealthy body expectations, including

“ideal” sizes, weights, abilities, and physical attributes, influence girls’ understandings of what is beautiful. Body image, or how one views one’s own body, is an essential element of self-esteem: in general, those who view their bodies positively have higher self-esteem than those who view their bodies negatively.

Day of Beauty
60 Minutes

With positive role models, hands on lessons, and new beauty tips, the hygiene session is a fun and positive experience in beauty practices for the girls.

Hygienic Practices
20 Minutes

Because of puberty, many girls, ages 8-13, are experiencing significant changes within their body. Some of these changes include growth of pubic and under arm hair, growth of breast, menstruation or the development of acne. It is important that they are aware of how to properly cleanse and adjust to their developing, changing bodies.

Healthy Hair
30 Minutes

Hair is a big factor in the appearance of a young girl and can be a controversial subject regarding different hair types amongst ethnicities and expectations from the media of what “good hair” is considered to look like. It’s important to remind the girls that all hair types are “good” and equally as beautiful.

My Clean Body
15 Minutes

Teaching girls the ins and outs of cleansing and caring for all parts of their changing bodies.

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