Healthy Choices

Stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle by making sound decisions.

Balloon Questions
20 Minutes

Sometimes it could be uneasy prompting discussion on things such as sex, drugs, or alcohol. Balloon questions are a silly way to get the girls more comfortable about learning and talking about these subjects.

Cooking Together
60 Minutes

Being able to cook healthy food is essential to independent living. With the influx of developing fast food chains and restaurants, and easy access to junk food, teaching the girls how to make simple, healthy, cooked at home meals is a fun way to build team work and be healthy together.

Drugs and Alcohol
45 Minutes

According to several studies, young people begin experimenting with drugs at ages 12 to 17; considering this reality, drug and alcohol prevention efforts must target younger children to prevent them from ever using drugs in the first place.

Internet Safety
45 Minutes

 Despite the benefits of computer innovation, cyber- bullying and the spread of rumors and gossip on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat, as well as through chat room, instant messaging, and email, are growing problems.

Instant Messenger
30 Minutes

Being able to chat online at any hour of the day with someone you may never see or meet can be dangerous. While online chatting seems to be here to stay, it’s important to teach girls the dangers associated with online chatting with strangers and safe practices when chatting with their friends.

Sharing Information
30 Minutes

Being safe on the internet has a lot to do with the information that you share on websites and more particularly, social media.  While it may not always be a simple task deciding which profiles are real and fake, you can still protect yourself by protecting the information that you choose to share on social media sites.

 All types of violence are used to exert power and control and have profound effects on personal health and well-being. Girls and women are directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence and abuse, physical violence and abuse, and/or emotional abuse sometime in their lives.

45 Minutes
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