Girls have the chance to earn badges in each topic; those who earn all 8 will be given the opportunity to act as a mentor in the following years.

Girls Planning for Success is an program designed for middle school aged girls to empower our next generation of female leaders through a variety of interactive topics, mentorship, physical activity, community engagement and problem solving.

This toolkit can be used during or after school hours and can be customized to fit the needs and time contraints of your group (squad).

Squads will meet weekly to complete a topic activity and finish with a physical fitness piece.  Once a month squads perform online Skype meetings with either other squads, mentors, or role models.



Squads will choose a Community Capstone Project to address real-life challenges in their communities.  This may be cleaning litter out of a park, raising awareness for an animal shelter, starting a flower bed to deliver fresh flowers to a nursing home, or any other cause the squad decides upon.

All squads will come together for an annual Squad Building Exhibition where the girls will be able to meet in person with the other squads they have been Skyping with, display their Community Capstone Projects, and participate in a 2 mile run/walk obstacle course with stations that represent the eight topics.

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